Knitting for Manna House

For the past three years, 91 year old Winnie Fleet has been knitting scarves for the homeless guests of Manna House and this year has been no exception. On Thursday, along with her granddaughter Stacey, she took a day out of Ernvale Care Home in Cheddleton where she lives, to bring them along to us. The photograph shows Winnie with a bag of her scarves by her side, having a well-deserved cuppa.
Thank you Winnie for knitting your love into every scarf. 


United in support of those in need
Lidl and Aldi may be competitors, but they are united when it comes to supporting Manna House (Hanley). Through the Neighbourly Scheme, the Lidl store in Newcastle and Aldi on Leek New Road, Hanley, both freely provide their unsalable food items to us. Thank you to everyone concerned. Your support is very much appreciated by the many homeless and vulnerable folk in our area.


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