What We Provide


Many of our visitors are unable to access the healthcare system, so the community nurse provides an open surgery every week. She tends to various medical needs and provides an invaluable professional health care service.

homeless person with an inhury


Sharing a meal with someone can help build friendships and trust, and despite the fact that we may not know who's on the weekly guest list, our doors are open and the tables are laid to welcome everyone.

Financial budgeting can often cause problems leading to unnecessary debt, so a Money Matters course, led by a trained volunteer, helps guide our guests to manage their finances.

A friendly and welcoming art group is run by a qualified instructor every Monday morning. Creative self-expression is encouraged through the mediums of painting and drawing and is enjoyed by all levels and abilities.

Physical Food

A hot nourishing two course meal is free to all who come every Thursday night and a lunch bag of sandwiches, biscuits and a drink is taken away for the following day. To help start one day a week, breakfast is served every Tuesday morning and coffee and snacks are given out every Wednesday morning.

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"Man cannot live by bread alone" and at Manna House our aim is not only to feed the hungry, but care for the downcast, value those judged as worthless, love the unloved, and pray for the lost.

Our Christian faith tells us that God has a plan to give us hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11) and our purpose at Manna House is to share our faith and bring that hope into the lives of our visitors.

Without food man can hardly survive for thirty days; without water for little more than three days; without air slightly more than three minutes: but without hope – barely seconds.

Just having someone there to listen and care, can help bring healing when you’re hurting and bring about hope in your hopelessness.

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Without hope life is meaningless.

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